A study of environmental behaviour: garbage management in the community of San Pablo del Lago-Imbacocha, Ecuador

Arias L., Martha Lucia
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University of Guelph

This research explored different factors that influence environmental behaviour in the area of garbage management in a small ethnically mixed rural community in Ecuador. The theoretical objective of this research is the development of a behavioural framework based on behavioural models, environmental education theories and empirical evidence, which will help understand environmental practices in these communities. The managerial objective is to provide support for current environmental projects in Imbacocha by proposing effective ways to promote environmental behaviour in the community. This research is a multidisciplinary study that integrates ethnographic, feminist, and fourth generation approaches. It also applied qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the individual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours towards the environment protection. Results indicate that self-image, avoidance of conflict, personal benefit and role model influence the internalisation of social norms at a personal level. This study recommends the importance of environmental education for the success of pro-environmental projects.

Garbage, Management, San Pablo del Lago, Equador, Imbacocha, Environmental behaviour