Investigating the use of instrumental techniques to evaluate apple texture quality

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Kim, Min Sung
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University of Guelph

The objective of this study was to investigate the use of various instrumental techniques to evaluate various apple textures. As apple texture is a key driver in consumer preferences of apples, having a rapid tool to screen for desirable apple texture in breeding programs would be an important asset in the development of high-quality apples. However, due to the complexity of some apple textures attributes (e.g. crispness, juiciness, and mealiness), identifying instrumental measurements that produce consistent correlations with all of the key texture attributes has been a challenge. Instrumental measurements from various instruments such as the penetrometer, 5-blade Kramer shear, and various tribological instruments were used to correlate with sensory evaluation of texture attributes of apples. This study found various instrumental measurements that significantly correlated with apple texture perception, with the friction rig being the most appropriate instrument for use by the horticulture industry.

apple, texture, tribology, friction
Kim, M. S., Walters, N., Martini, A., Joyner, H. S., Duizer, L. M., & Grygorczyk, A. (2020). Adapting tribology for use in sensory studies on hard food: the case of texture perception in apples. Food Quality and Preference, 86(April), 103990.