Mycology Applications for Landscape Architecture

Nikota, Katie
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University of Guelph

Recent advancements in mycology have led to revolutionary discoveries of underground fungi that form essential symbiotic relationships with plants, connecting nutrients and communicating between root systems. Knowing how to utilize fungi to our benefit through mycorestoration and mycology applications might allow landscape architects to become ecological balancers for both human and natural environments. There is a lack of understanding of the complex systems of mycology. Bridging this gap between mycologists and landscape architects is essential to create a healthy mycorrhizal network in designed landscapes, especially distressed urban soils. This exploratory research investigates how mycology can be applied within the practise of landscape architecture, in order to propose applications of mycology and mycorestoration techniques, through a review of key literature and key informant interviews. Applications of mycology and mycorestoration in urban environments that contribute to healthier myco networking are proposed.

Fungi, Mycelium, Mycology, Mycorestoration, Mycorrhizal, Mycorrhizae