Farm animal waste disposal

Black, S. A.
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

The Division of Research, Ontario Water Resources Commission has established a research program to investigate farm animal waste disposal methods. As an initial phase, this paper, dealing with the theories and implications involved with the processing, treatment and disposal of farm animal wastes, has been prepared. Farm animal wastes have been contributing polluting materials to our waterways for many years. The changing nature of farming in the very recent years, however, has increased considerably the pollution potential of farm animal wastes. Since this change is still in process, an intensive study into improving the methods and facilities for the disposal of farm animal wastes is well justified, as the methods of disposal available to the farmer may well control the location and magnitude of his enterprise in the future.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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farm animal wastes, pollution, handling, storage, treatment, composting, anaerobic digestion, lagoon treatment, aerobic treatment, economics, waste treatment