Development of a Pneumatic Hand Training Device for Stroke Rehabilitation

Jackson, Gregory
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University of Guelph

A new hand training system has been designed and built to help clinicians administrate hand therapy to stroke patients. It uses pneumatics to actuate the fingers from the dorsal side of the hand in order to provide training for activities of daily living. Before the device is tested in a clinical trial, it’s safety, comfort and reliability needed to be established via trials on 30 healthy individuals. A comfort survey that was issued to the users indicated that they found the device comfortable regardless of age, gender, weight and hand length. The sensor data that was gathered during testing indicated that the readings were reliable and the device had minimal impact on the subjects' normal range of motion. A bio-mechanical model, validated through experimentation, was also created to estimate joint angles of the index finger during the trials to ensure that the device put the joints of the finger in bio-mechanically safe angles.

Robotics, Pneumatics, Robotic Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Devices