Urban Agriculture Contributions to Socio-Ecological Adaptation in the City of Toronto

Kauffman, Camille
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University of Guelph

Urban agriculture (UA) has been researched in terms of how it contributes to a community’s health, esteem, resilience, bonding and autonomy. It has also been explored in terms of its environmental and ecological benefits. This research digs deeper into the mechanisms of socially-motivated UA operations that also provide ecological benefits to the city – such as increased habitats for wildlife and pollinator-friendly plant species. Through interviews with UA leaders, this research highlights how some Toronto UA operations might contribute to the City’s policy, planning and public space design responses to upcoming climate-related challenges. Socially-motivated UA operations do have the potential to be a positive ecological response to climate change in the City of Toronto.

urban agriculture, resilience, socio-ecological, Toronto, community garden, resilience, design