Water quality of Midland Park Lake in relation to watershed development, Town of Midland, Simcoe County

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Sherman, K.
Speller, D.
Walty, D.
Veal, D.
Hogg, D.
Thede, M.
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

In October of 1973, the Town of Midland contacted the Ministry of Environment to express concern that future development in the catchment area of Midland Park Lake (known locally as Little Lake) may adversely affect the quality of this Lake. At a meeting of November 28, 1973, between the Midland Council and Ministry of Environment representatives, the Ministry agreed to carry out an investigation in 1974 with the aims of a) defining the existing quality of the Lake, and b) predicting the water-quality impact of further development in the drainage basin.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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water quality, watershed, lake use, drainage basin, water quality, fishery, temporal change, urbanization, water chemistry, water temperature, water clarity, turbidity, nitrogen, phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll a, phytoplankton, macrophytes, zooplankton, bottom invertebrates, sediments, enrichment