Working out' inequality: An anti-racist feminist approach to girls' and young women's participation in sports

Robinson, Airlie
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of girls' participation in sports and physical activities. This study aims to take into consideration the voices of girls and young women from visible minority groups, many of whom are immigrants, and analyze their varied experiences in sports and physical activity programming in Toronto through an anti-racist feminist lens. It suggests that the current liberal sport and physical activity paradigm undertaken by many public schools and community centres does not adequately address the needs of all girls and young women. In order to avoid generalizations that girls and young women from visible minority groups and immigrants are a homogenous group and face the same barriers and limitations, this study includes an analysis of the influence of identity and identity formation on female participation. Through this general framework we can best understand and appreciate girls' and young women of visible minority groups' experiences with sports and physical activities.

sports, participation, girls, young Women, anti-racist feminist