Web services for distributed scientific, statistical data: The bio-grid system

Li, Jing
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University of Guelph

More and more resources are becoming available on the Web, and there is a growing need for infrastructures that are based on scientific organization requirements, like the biological data researchers' community. The Internet provides an affordable and efficient way to link communities with their members as well as customers. Nevertheless, there are problems that degrade the profitability of the Internet: incompatible applications and frameworks that cannot interoperate or build upon each other; difficulties in exchanging data and services. Web Services is a new paradigm for e-business that is expected to change the way applications are developed and interoperate. Web Services make it possible for diverse applications to discover each other and exchange data seamlessly via the Internet. The Bio-Grid System described in this thesis is a Web Service based Application, which aims to provide a data collection, analysis, and visualization tool in a distributed databases environment to solve the increased biological data collection problem. Bio-Grid System is a cross enterprise collaboration application that leverages existing intellectual assets and data resource sharing. This application also has the data link function which empowers the data providers to share their knowledge and data with each other in the community. In this thesis, we describe the design, implementation, functionality of the Bio-Grid System, and compare it with two other alternatives--P2P system and the IBM Websphere developer tool.

Bio-Grid System, Web Service based Application, data collection tool, analysis tool, visualization tool, distributed databases environment, statistical data