Land use and land use practices in the Great Lakes Basin: Report of the International Reference Group on Great Lakes Pollution from Land Use Activities, Joint Summary Report - Task B, United States and Canada

Pollution From Land Use Activities Reference Group, International Joint Commission
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International Joint Commission

This report presents a summary of an Inventory of Land Use and Land Use Practices in the Great Lakes Basin, including trends and projections to 1980, and to 2020 where appropriate. It contains the important features of the Canadian and United States reports on land inventory prepared by the International Reference Group on Great Lakes Pollution from Land Use Activities. Land uses are broken down for each Lake Basin as follows: area (land and water), residential, commercial - industrial, cropland pasture forest, outdoor recreation, wetlands barren, and water (inland). In addition, eight specialized land use categories are discusses and units quantified: mine tailings disposal areas, liquid and solid waste disposal areas, dredge spoil disposal, lakeshore and riverbank erosion, intensive livestock operations, high density non-sewered areas, and recreational lands. Annual materials usages are presented for: agricultural pesticides, commercial fertilizers, agricultural manures, lime and road salt.

Pollution from Land Use Activities Reference Group (PLUARG)
land use, materials usage, physical geography, social economics