Documentation for Pilot Watershed Study digital data: Pittock test and control watersheds

Couturier, Andrew
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Agriculture Canada

This report is the last in a series of five concerning digital data assembled during the Pilot Watershed Study (PWS), a major component of the Soil and Water Environmental Enhancement Program (SWEEP). Previous reports in this series have i) assessed the temporal resolution, spatial resolution, and potential integration of these data, and have ii) documented the structure and organization of the newly created PWS digital database. This paper builds on earlier reports by providing an overview of the digital data files associated with the Pittock test and control watersheds. The overall aim of this report is to assist users of the PWS database by providing a manual for interpreting the contents of specific data files. Accordingly, the report lists and describes both the available spatial coverages in Arc/Info format, and their associated attribute files. This is followed by a series of highly detailed tables which outlines the structure of individual attribute files.

Soil and Water Environmental Enhancement Program (SWEEP)
watershed, soil quality, water quality, crop, conservation practices, climate, hydrology, data, database, contamination