Chemical Trials for Dollar Spot Disease Control Summer 2002

Cook, S.
Hsiang, T.
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Guelph Turfgrass Institute

This study evaluates the effectiveness of elven chemical control treatments in correlation to a control to determine their effects on dollar spot disease in creeping bentgrass. Treatment was applied over an eight-week period and observed for a total of twelve weeks. Treatments that provided the best control were: Banner 130 EC (62 mL - 14 days), Daconil 2787 EC (190 mL - 14 days), Primo MAXX + Daconil 2787 (8 mL + 190 mL - 14 days), Banner MAXX (51 mL - 14 days), Primo MAXX + Banner MAXX (8 mL + 51 mL - 14 days) and BAS 51002 F (Emerald) (5.6 g - 21 days). Over the course of the study, no phytotoxic levels were detected. Further results of the study are presented in the report in table 1.

Guelph Turfgrass Institute, Annual reports, 2002, chemical control, creeping bentgrass, Agrostis palustris, dollar spot disease, Sclerotinia homoeocarpa, phytotoxicity, disease control
Cook, S., and T. Hsiang. 2002. Chemical trials for dollar spot disease control summer 2002. Guelph Turfgrass Inst. Res. Rep. 16:p. 45-46.