Moving from risk to resilience: A proposal for holistic transformation of source water risk assessment

Brown, Dustin
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University of Guelph

Previous research has indicated that conventional source water risk assessment (SWRA) tools are not sufficiently compatible with Indigenous peoples’ values and needs. To work towards a proposal for an improved SWRA framework, a scoping review was executed which explored previous approaches that are reported on in the literature. A supplementary interview process with members of the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation was also undertaken to identify possible ways to improve upon the approaches analyzed in the scoping review. The scoping review revealed various SWRA frameworks that have been used to analyze water accessed by Indigenous peoples, but the topic seems generally under-researched. The interview process led to data that suggested ways to improve SWRA, including a significant broadening of the risk sources, impacts of concern, and community- or ecologically-based resilience factors considered. A proposed framework based on the results of the scoping review and interview process is presented.

Risk assessment, Source water, Risk analysis, Water protection, First Nations, Indigenous, Water, Risk, Resilience, Traditional knowledge, Indigenous knowledge, Policy analysis, Policy recommendation, Bottom-up, Policy critique