Management and dissemination of digital data and relevant information collected through the green plan

Denholm, Ken
MacDonald, Bruce
Wang, Fenghui
Watson, Gary
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Agriculture Canada

Existing GIS databases and spatial analysis tools have been extensively used in studies of Ontario agricultural systems and their environmental impacts. However, limited data and information have been collected to support on-farm decision-making and provide linkages between broad-level analysis and research results at the site or farm-level. The amount of information converted to computerized databases for multi-source data integrations is even more limited. One of the objectives of the research activities under the Canada-Ontario Agriculture Green Plan, particularly the resource monitoring sub-program, is to fill some of these data gaps and to develop capabilities for monitoring and assessment of agricultural resources. Development of a computerized data management and analysis system using geographic information system (GIS) technology is one of the projects of the Green Plan Research Program. The objectives of this project are to: 1) develop a data management and analysis system with the capability to correlate, interpret and document linkages between the data collected through Green Plan research projects, 2) carry out data and spatial analysis to verify the content and quality of digital data received from the Green Plan Monitoring component, 3) provide standardized, documented copies of data for assessment and use by other projects and agencies and for comparison with future measurements.

Green Plan
data management, analysis system, data, spatial analysis, agricultural system, environmental impact, decision-making, geographic information system