Waste Management for Sustainable Development in India: Policy, Planning and Administrative Dimensions, with Case Studies from Kanpur - Part Three: The Policy and Administrative Context

Yap, Nonita T.
Awasthi, Shailendra K.
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Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

The Kanpur Research Project studied problems of industrial waste management, in Kanpur, India. The Project sought to define a public policy and planning framework that actively promotes the adoption of Low Waste Technologies (LWTs) through the following objectives: 1) to examine the current strategies for sustainability in India as reflected in the policy and legislative regimes, and the policy and planning processes and instruments used in relation to waste management; 2) to understand the nature and magnitude of the waste problems in Kanpur, and; 3) to explore potential solutions at the state and community levels. The papers in this volume describe the preliminary findings of this research project.

This item contains Part Three: The Policy and Administrative Context of the book 'Waste Management for Sustainable Development in India'. Part Three presents the policy and administrative context for waste management in India in general, and Kanpur in particular.
waste management, sustainable development, India, policy, planning, environment, economy, low waste technologies, Kanpur