An assessment of the nutrition-related benefits of eating Great Lakes fish

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Murkin, Elaine J.

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University of Guelph


Demographic, fish consumption, and nutritional and food security status data were collected from Canadian/European-born (CE) and Asian-born (AS) participants who consumed at least 26 meals of Great Lakes fish annually. The two groups did not differ in their consumption of Great Lakes fish but the AS group consumed significantly more total fish, inland fish and other purchased/processed fish. The AS group also consumed significantly less total fat and saturated fat, and significantly more carbohydrates as percent of energy. Although blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids were significantly higher in AS participants, blood lipid and iron status profiles were similar between the two groups. Relative to the AS participants, the CE participants were more food secure and experienced less child hunger. Most nutritional status measures were more strongly influenced by total fish consumption than by Great Lakes fish consumption and differed between CE and AS participants.



nutrition, great lakes fish, Canadian, European, Asian-born, benefits