Understanding the Impacts of Compass Community Services' TeleConnect Program


Compass Community Services (CCS) provides a range of mental health and social support services to the Guelph–Wellington community and the surrounding area. One unique, free service offered by CCS is the TeleConnect program, an outbound call service providing emotional support, socialization, wellness checks, medication reminders, motivation, and assistance with accessing resources to isolated community members on a daily basis. Most referrals for TeleConnect come from health care providers who are unable to provide the level of support required by clients.

In early 2023, CCS partnered with the Research Shop, part of the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI) at the University of Guelph, to determine the impact of TeleConnect on the community. The aim of the collaboration is to have evidence-based research to help evaluate and verify the impact of TeleConnect on the community of Guelph–Wellington. To achieve these goals, the researchers conducted surveys with TeleConnect clients, community health partners, and CCS staff and volunteers. Results from these surveys demonstrate that TeleConnect supports community and individual health and wellbeing, reduces social isolation, and, overall, positively impacts clients and the healthcare system in the Guelph–Wellington community.

older adults, the research shop, community engaged research, community engaged scholarship institute, community support program, alternative health care