Reimagining the Lord Mayor’s Shows: Constructing a 3-D Model of Bower’s Tomb from Anthony Munday’s Chrysanaleia (1616)

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University of Guelph

This thesis examines the Lord Mayor’s Shows of early modern London and their importance to the history of the City of London and their Guilds. This thesis takes on the Lord Mayor’s Show Chrysanaleia: The Golden Fishing as its focus, written by Anthony Munday in 1616. This thesis also explores the experiences of pageant goers and how their experiences were impacted by their social class in early modern London. Using the journal of Horatio Busino, and other primary sources, three narrators have been created for the “Anthony Munday’s Chrysanaleia VR Experience.” These narrators include Mary Smith, a poor orange-woman, Horatio Busino, chaplain to the Contarini family of Venice, and the Lord Mayor himself, Sir John Leman. The model used in this experience was created by the author, using illustrations of the pageant cart and other sources to create a realistic 3-D model of the Bower’s Tomb from Chrysanaleia. This thesis is meant as a springboard for others attempting to create a VR experience for the Lord Mayor’s Shows.

Lord Mayor’s Shows, 3-D model of Bower's tomb, Early modern London, Chrysanaleia, Anthony Munday