Atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorus loading to Harp Lake, Ontario, Canada

Nicolls, Kenneth H.
Cox, Charles M.
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

There are few comprehensive and recent data on aeolian loading of nutrients to lakes (reviewed by Uttormark 1975). To be reliable, accurate calculations of nutrient budgets for lakes depend upon knowledge of nutrients supplied to lakes from the atmosphere (Dillon and Rigler 1975). Recent studies in Ontario (Dillon 1974; Gomolka 1975) have suggested that aeolian phosphorus loading may be a significant portion of the total phosphorus supplied to lakes from natural sources. During a 1973-1974 limnological investigation of lakes in Ontario's Precambrian Shield (Nicholls 1976) several components of the nutrient budgets were determined. This paper reports on the atmospheric loading of N and P to Harp Lake.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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aeolian loading, nutrients, lakes, nutrient budget, aeolian phosphorus loading, total phosphorus, limnology, nitrogen, atmospheric loading, pollen, atmospheric nutrient load, dissolved inorganics