Pittock Watershed: Manure management and water quality sub-basin study 1984

Glasman, B.
Hawkins, D.
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

The 1984 Pittock Watershed: Sub-basin Study was a continuation of the 1983 Pittock Watershed: Livestock Manure Management and Water Quality Study. As in the previous year, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment made available funding for the project. In addition, and once again similar to 1983, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority was contracted to assist in the study. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food participated through their regular programs. As recommended in the 1983 study, the principle focus for 1984 was to select a manageable sub-watershed, representative of the Pittock Basin. Once the Sub-basin was chosen, a detailed water sampling program, and land management investigation were to be carried out.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Waste Management Reports
water quality, manure management, livestock, manure storage, soil erosion, milkhouse waste, manure application, Salmonella spp., fecal coliform, fecal streptococci