Exploring strategies for rural youth retention: A case study of the Town of Goderich, Huron County, Ontario

Liu, Yuxi
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University of Guelph

Rural communities face a decline of young population. Many strategies related to rural youth retention have been developed to deal with the issue of youth outmigration. This research aims to explore rural youth retention strategies through a case study of the Town of Goderich, Huron County, Ontario. First, the research builds on the existing literature by identifying factors that cause youth migration and strategies that are being used to retain and attract young people to rural areas. Second, six interviews in Goderich and Huron County were conducted. The results indicate that youth retention strategies in the county/town were mainly focused on four themes: education and training, career opportunities, youth engagement, and local community development. Finally, the research concludes with five recommendations to strengthen youth retention approaches in the Town of Goderich and Huron County.

rural community, youth, retention, youth retention strategies, out-migration, training, education, career opportunity, youth engagement, local community development