124Xe Angular Correlation Analysis and Development of the Detector Array for Energy Measurements Of Neutrons (DAEMON)



Radich, Allison Jane

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University of Guelph


This work details two distinct and separate projects. The first is the investigation of collective signatures of 124Xe via the beta-decay of 124Cs performed at the 8pi spectrometer at TRIUMF. A full analysis was performed resulting in gamma-ray branching ratios, beta-feeding intensities and B(E2) quadrupole transition strengths. Angular correlations were performed and the spins of 15 0+ states and 14 higher spin states were measured. The band structure built on the lower-energy excited 0+ states was expanded and compared to theoretical calculations. The second project contains the initial developmental tests for the Detector Array for Energy Measurements Of Neutrons (DAEMON). DAEMON is proposed to be a time-of-flight detector used with DESCANT at the GRIFFIN decay station at TRIUMF to measure neutron energies emitted via beta-delayed neutron emission from neutron-rich nuclei. Potential scintillator material, silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) scintillation light collection methods and data acquisition systems were tested. The timing resolution achieved by a scintillator-SiPM setup was found to be as low as 339(4) ps FWHM, which is well within the limits required to achieve the desired energy resolution.



124Xe, Collective signatures, Detector Array for Energy Measurements Of Neutrons, DAEMON