The influence of variable B horizon thickness (tonguing) on solute transport through undisturbed soil columns

Dadfar, Humaira
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University of Guelph

All soils have distinct horizons with different transport properties, which will affect the movement of the non-reactive and reactive solutes during their transport to groundwater. Therefore, the major objective of this study was to obtain a quantitative description of solute transport and reaction in unsaturated layered soil. Nine undisturbed Fox sand columns with approximately equal A horizon, and variable B horizon thicknesses (ranging from 27 cm to 126 cm) were used for a one-dimensional unsaturated solute transport experiment. At steady state, a spike of LiCl was released at the top of each column, and the transport of the Cl\sp− and Li\sp+ ions were monitored at every 10 cm depth increment using TDR probes, and solution samplers. The average Li\sp+ retardation factor for the entire length of the A horizon for the nine columns was 4.3. Whereas, the average Li\sp+ retardation factor for the entire length of the B horizon of the nine columns was 7.9. The retardation factor in the B horizon was independent of the thickness of the B horizon.

soils, horizons, transport properties, solute transport, reaction, unsaturated layered soil, B horizon, thickness, tonguing