Sponsoring a Refugee: Tips and Local Resources to Support Sponsors in Guelph-Wellington

DeLeon, Kevin
Duvieusart-Dery, Caroline
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In 2016-17, Guelph-Wellington is expected to receive between 300 and 400 refugees under Canada's Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program. In an effort to support the groups of citizens in the process of sponsoring refugee families, the University of Guelph's Community Engaged Scholarship Institute partnered with a number of local organizations to develop the Handbook for Refugee Sponsoring Groups. This handbook is a hands-on guide providing detailed information on the steps a sponsoring group should take at various stages in the sponsoring process. It builds on research and existing handbooks from other regions to offer a set of checklists and detailed tips outlining tasks to accomplish before the newcomers' arrival, on the first day, during the first week and the first month - covering themes such as housing, finances, child care, and employment. Each section has been adapted to include links to services and organizations available specifically in Guelph and Wellington. The guide also concludes with a list of resources that can be useful for sponsors and the newcomers themselves, including: city and community services, education/language training services, emergency/crises services, employment services, food banks, government services, health and medical care, housing, legal services and neighbourhood groups

Poster was part of 'What We Know' display, held on March 1, 2017 at the Quebec Street Mall in Downtown Guelph. At 'What We Know,' the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute brought together 50 posters featuring diverse research on Guelph and Wellington from community organizations, municipal staff, faculty and students. Topics included feral cats, farmland loss, food waste, the wellbeing of children and more - all specific to Guelph and Wellington.
Guelph, Guelph Wellington, What we know, refugees, refugee sponsorship, Handbook for Refugee Sponsoring Groups, newcomers