Introduction to water use from arctic lakes: identification, impacts, and decision support

Sibley, Paul K.
White, Daniel M.
Cott, Peter A.
Lilly, Michael R.
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American Water Resource Association

This collection on arctic lakes contains seven papers, each focusing on different aspects of water-withdrawal activities in support of industrial activities. The impetus for the creation of this series of papers began three years ago when several collaborating Alaska and Canadian researchers presenting at the AWRA summer specialty conference on adaptive management realized that they were dealing with various and complimentary aspects of water use in arctic lakes. While lakes in the Arctic and Subarctic have been studied in many scientific investigations, there was need to improve the understanding of arctic lakes related to current resource management challenges. These papers present topics ranging from the development of new approaches for the identification of lakes that may be suitable for water withdrawal to the impacts that water withdrawal may have on arctic lakes. Several papers focus on the chemistry in arctic lakes to improve our general understanding of the lake environment.

Arctic, water withdrawl, aquatic biota, industrialization
Sibley, P. K., White, D. M., Cott, P. A., and Lilly, M.R. "Introduction to water use from Arctic Lakes: Identification, impacts and decision support." Journal of the American Water Resources Association 44.2 (2008): 273-275.