Lake Simcoe tributary monitoring data report - 1982 to 1992

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Peat, Geoffrey
Waiters, Michael
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Queen's Printer for Ontario

This report provides an overview of all water quantity and quality information collected during 1982-1992 for the lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy (lSEMS) studies. The focus of the tributary monitoring program was to determine discharge and nutrient concentrations for the main tributaries flowing into lake Simcoe. Sampling frequency for the 13 main monitoring sites was semi-monthly with emphasis on event sampling. The concentration and discharge data was used to estimate nutrient loadings from the main tributaries. The results show phosphorus concentrations and loadings to be extremely variable both monthly and annually. The Holland River sub-basin was monitored more intensively because it is the largest tributary of lake Simcoe and contains the most intensive and diverse landuse. The phosphorus load from the Holland River was an average of 23 tonnes per year. The median phosphorus concentration for the Holland River was 0.128 mg/L based on 566 samples taken over 11 years. Phosphorus concentration trends, loadings, and exceedances of water quality objectives are presented for most of the monitoring sites.

Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy (LSEMS) Implementation Program
water quality, phosphorus, phosphorus concentration, drainage, land use, climate