Agricultural land uses, livestock and soils of the Canadian Great Lakes Basin (south of latitude 45 degrees N)

Coote, R.
MacDonald, M.
Wall, C. J.
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International Joint Commission

Monitoring of agricultural watersheds for contribution of nutrients and other pollutants to water, with selection of sites based on soil, land use and hydrological data was proposed by the Agriculture Canada (C.D.A.) Task Force for Implementation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Programme. In addition, it was recommended that the proposed programme should be integrated with other larger watershed studies through participation of the C.D.A. Research Branch in the proposed watershed studies (Task C) of the International Reference Group on Great Lakes Pollution from Land Use Activities. Agriculture Canada participated in the development of the Task C watershed study plan through representation on the Task C Technical Committee and its Agricultural Sub-Committee. In order to complete the study plan and to select sites according to prescribed criteria, the following programmes were carried out and are included in this report: 1) Land Use Inventory 2) Soil potential for pollutant transfer 3) Soil erosion and 4) Background data collection for the Agricultural Sub-Committee.

Pollution from Land Use Activities Reference Group (PLUARG)
watershed, agriculture, soil erosion, fluvial sedimentation, runoff, manure storage, livestock operations