Assessing the suitability of Cervidil(TM) to facilitate artificial insemination and embryo transfer in ewes

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Candappa, Ivanka
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University of Guelph

The present study set out to assess the efficacy of Cervidil® , a patented dinoprostone-containing vaginal insert with a slow-release mechanism, to safely induce sufficient cervical dilation for the purpose of transcervical artificial insemination (TCAI) or embryo transfer (TCET) in ewes. TCAI during seasonal anestrus (n=40) and the breeding season (n=40), and TCET during seasonal anestrus (n=23) were performed on multiparous Rideau Arcott x Dorset ewes with or without the pre-treatment with Cervidil ® (for a duration of 12 or 24 hours prior to TCAI/ET). Cervidil® priming significantly reduced the average time required for TCAI during the breeding season in comparison to controls (54 sec vs. 98 sec), especially after the 24-hour exposure (38 sec vs. 108 sec). Cervical penetration rate was significantly improved after Cervidil® pre-treatment during TCET, with 55% of treated versus 9% of control animals successfully penetrated. These results indicate a significant benefit of using Cervidil ® for inducing cervical dilation in non-pregnant ewes.

Cervidil, Suitability, Artificial insemination, Embryo transfer, Ewes