Integrating Urban Soil Management within Landscape Architecture in Southern Ontario

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Lee, Alice
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University of Guelph

Urban soil is the foundation for many landscape architectural projects; however, urban conditions may challenge optimal soil functions. Despite the importance of soils, literature suggests that landscape projects may fail due to poorly-managed soils throughout the stages of design, implementation, and maintenance. This study explores how urban soil management can be improved within the profession of landscape architecture in Southern Ontario. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to collect qualitative data from key informants who possess an understanding of urban soils and how they are managed. Key informant interviews identified how urban soils are currently viewed, what challenges exist, and what resources have been developed to guide urban soil management decisions throughout the design process. This research will strengthen the role for landscape architects to value urban soils and ensure that they are being properly managed on project sites.

Anthropogenic Urban Soil, Anthropic Soil, Urban Ecology, Soil Conservation, Landscape Design, Sustainable Urban Environment