Exploration of the relationship between resilience, social support and formal help seeking, and evaluation of Guelph's 1 in 5 mental health awareness initiative

Westfall, Krista
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University of Guelph

The primary purpose of this thesis was to explore the relationship between resilience, formal help seeking, and social support, given that the association between resilience and help seeking behavior is not fully understood (Schomerus et al., 2013). A cross-sectional online survey was conducted and data were analyzed with hierarchical multiple regression. Participants’ (N=52) mean age was 24.18 years (SD=8.421) and 80.8% were female. Analyses revealed a significant positive association between social support and resilience. Few published evaluations of university-based mental health initiatives were located, thus a secondary purpose involved conducting an exploratory end-of-session evaluation of the Panel event of the University of Guelph’s Mental Health Awareness Initiative. Evaluation results from 92 respondents (M age = 23.64 SD = 7.466, 80.4% female) revealed discrepancies between targets of recruitment efforts and actual attendees, high event satisfaction, and participants considered the event successful in addressing stigma. Practice and research implications are discussed.

Mental health, Resilience, Help Seeking, Evaluation, Coping, Mental Health Initiative, University Students, Social Support, Formal Help Seeking, Informal Help Seeking