Quality of information sources in agricultural extension for poultry farmers in southern Ontario

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Sykanda, Peter
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University of Guelph

This thesis presents an investigation into the sources of information used by supply-managed chicken farmers in South-western Ontario. Data collection and analysis was conducted through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. The research findings indicate that private sector input suppliers are the dominant information providers to farmers followed closely by the chicken marketing board (CFO). This research reveals that the dominant method of information dissemination in the chicken industry is through an implicit, customer-service based extension system; where the delivery of information is significantly tied to the supply of production inputs. This system provides farmers with a great deal of control over the type and amount of information they receive, as well as the manner in which they receive it. This study concludes the quality of information farmers receive in this industry will continue to exist as long as there remains multiple sources of information competing for farmers business.

information source, chicken farmers, Ontario, private sector input suppliers, information providers, chicken marketing board, information dissemination, chicken industry