The effect of customer co-creation behaviours on well-being: The mediating role of positive emotions and social connectedness

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Li, Lin
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University of Guelph

This study proposed a conceptual and empirical model to extend customer co-creation behaviours’ benefits beyond the economic and managerial and investigate their psychological effects as well. In particular, a combination of hedonic and eudaimonic perspectives was used to obtain a complete picture of well-being. To understand the relations between customer co-creation behaviours and the two types of well-being further, multiple mediators were used: Positive emotions; empowerment, and social connectedness. The study used snowball sampling to collect data from China and online panels (Prolific) to collect data from North America. A total of 410 samples were analysed with Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling. With the exception of the effect of personal interaction, co-creation behaviours had no significant direct effect on well-being, while positive emotions and social connectedness were found to mediate the relation between co-creation behaviours and well-being fully. The study suggests the important role that customers play in their own well-being and active co-creation activities between customers and service providers are encouraged.

well-being, value co-creation behaviours, hedonia, eudaimonia, positive emotions, empowerment, social connectedness