Exploring the Relationships Between Sensory, Consumer, Volatile, and Physicochemical Analyses and Their Impact on Flavor in High-Quality Apples

MacKenzie, Jordan
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University of Guelph

The purpose of this study was to further the understanding of flavor within apples. The foundation of this research was based on a previous Apple Sweet Spot model created by Dr. Amy J. Bowen at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Apples used in the present study were top performers in this developed model, with this research acting to further differentiate these highly rated apples to determine which characteristics are driving liking among consumers. Research was conducted through sensory descriptive analysis, a large-scale consumer evaluation, and instrumental techniques such as aroma volatile and physicochemical measurements. By combining these evaluation methods, it allowed for an understanding of sensory descriptors and unique apple varieties that are liked or disliked by consumers. In addition, correlations were made to specific volatile compound groups and other instrumental methodologies that will ultimately serve a role in breeding programs to screen apples based on these desired characteristics.

apples, flavor, sensory, consumer, volatile, physicochemical