Design Solutions that Encourage Golfer Participation

Fraser, Christine
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University of Guelph

The sport of golf has experienced a decline in number of participants over the past ten years due to social, cultural, and economic factors. An in-depth literature review and key informant interviews identified the amount of time required to play, high costs, and level of difficulty as the principal contributors to this decline. Design guidelines were developed to directly address these limitations and increase participation. The time required for a game of golf and the cost of construction and maintenance of courses can both be reduced by minimizing the number and severity of hazards, and locating them so they will be a challenge only for expert golfers. The level of difficulty and the pace of play can be remedied by a return to strategic golf design. Strategic design emphasizes risk and reward scenarios, and provides variation in shot values that appeal to all skill levels of golfers.

Golf, participation, design, cost, difficulty, time