The management of private conservation lands by land trusts in Canada

Watkins, Melissa Jane
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University of Guelph

A 2001 survey of the 40 land and easement-holding land trusts across Canada, this study describes the land management activities of Canadian land trusts and evaluates whether Canadian land trusts are meeting the standards for land and easement management established by the American Land Trust Alliance (LTA). Long interviews based on the LTA's Statement of Standards and Practices were used to gather data on how land trusts are managing their land and easements. Twenty-eight land trusts also participated in a self-evaluation ranking their level of organizational capacity in six main areas related to their capacity to manage land: aspirations, technical expertise, finances, human resources, organizational skills and strategy. Results of the research show that Canadian land trusts are implementing some, but not all of the practices proposed by the LTA as guidelines for how to meet their standards for land and easement management.

land management activities, Canadian land trusts, standards, land and easement management, American Land Trust Alliance