O. A. C. Review Volume XLVI Issue 7, April May 1934

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Ontario Agricultural College

Women at the Macdonald Institute contributed all the articles devoted to the theme of home economics. Articles include pioneers in the field, a report on the Ontario Training School for Girls in Galt, and a report of the third annual meeting of the Ontario Dietetic Association. Other articles address the newest research on diets for controlling diabetes, the study of Mothercraft at the Macdonald Institute, and a lecture regarding the aquarium at the London Zoo. Alumnus W. J. Garnett writes of his experience studying at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Campus news focuses on the final examination results, but does mention the results of the O. A. C. and Macdonald Hall elections. The Macdonald Institute column reports on the Junior Women's Institute Annual Conference (the Girls' Conference), the activities of the women's sports teams, and the Senior Dinner. While there is an Alumnae news column with alumnae updates, there is not an Alumni column in this issue.

Issue 7, April May 1934 mislabeled as issue 6.
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