A Review of and Digital Guide to Common Insect Pests of Ontario Nursery and Landscape Plants

Cheung, David
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University of Guelph

A digital guide to 173 common insect pests of Ontario nursery and landscape plants was developed and illustrated with 1357 images. All available information on these species was reviewed and supplemented with observations made from field surveys in Ontario nurseries and from rearing individuals to desired life stages. Dichotomous keys to these species were written to aid in their identification and will form the basis for interactive keys to be included in a future version of the digital guide. An online, SQL database was developed using Drupal to store and manage species reviews and image content. A custom theme was designed to create an easily updated, online digital guide with image-search functionality and a sample interactive digital key to the mature larvae of pest Lepidoptera. The interactive digital guide will serve as a dynamic resource for the landscape plant production industry and facilitates rapid identification of important insect pests.

Drupal, identification key