Snow Mold Disease Control on Creeping Bentgrass at Putting Green Height November 2001 - April 2002

Hsiang, T.
Cook, S.
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Guelph Turfgrass Institute

This study evaluates twenty chemical and control treatments on eight-year-old creeping bentgrass in the control of snow mould disease. The fungicide treatments use in the study were for snow mould disease and are as follows: ScottsFFII (3.1 kg /100m2), and Arrest 75W (375g/100m2). The remaining treatments were experimental treatments provided by BASF, Syngenta and Tomen Agro. All treatments excluding, Arrest 75W (375g/100m2), provided sufficient levels of control with varying levels of control at different times throughout the study. All results concluded in the study are provided as well as phytotoxic levels.

Guelph Turfgrass Institute, Annual reports, 2002, creeping bentgrass, putting green turf, Snow mold disease, disease control, chemical control, Chemical intervention, grey snow mold, pink snow mold, fungicide evaluation
Cook, S., and T. Hsiang. 2002. Snow mould disease control on creeping bentgrass at putting green height November 2001- April 2002. Guelph Turfgrass Inst. Res. Rep. 16:p. 65-68.