Let's not lose hope - Maximizers as Prospective Optimists

Merchant, Sabaha
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University of Guelph

This thesis examines whether maximizing, a uni-dimensional construct, defined as the identification of the optimal, is significantly related to anticipatory assessments of happiness and satisfaction in the context of experiential and material consumption. Specifically, this study investigates whether the type of purchase and presence of optimality claims from a credible source significantly impacts the maximizer’s prospective evaluations of happiness and satisfaction. Results suggest that maximizers anticipate greater affective evaluations for experiential, material, as well as optimally framed purchases as compared to satisficers. As such, maximizers are more likely prospective optimists. Contrary to existing research, this finding entails significant theoretical implications for research as it challenges the current conceptualisation of maximizing as a recipe for unhappiness. Limitations and pathways to future research are discussed.

maximizer, marketing, consumer, satisficer, experiential, material, anticipated happiness, anticipated satisfaction