Value Creation: Comparative Netnographic Study of Two NBA Online Communities

Di, Hao
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University of Guelph

This study focuses on two online communities of a commercial basketball league, the National Basketball Association (NBA). Specifically, this study explores the value creation and online consumption behaviors of their online community members. Since little research had been conducted on sports online communities, this study can be an exploratory work in this field and beneficial to future research. This study applies Netnography as a research method to examine community members’ postings in two forums and The first forum is the most popular NBA online community in North America, while the second forum is widely used by online community members in mainland China. Findings in this study presents similarities and differences between value creation of two online communities and offers deeper understanding of online communities and their users in North America and China. Besides, managerial implications are provided for practitioners in online business and marketing with focus on sports industry.

value creation, online consumption behaviors, online community members