Effects of feed enzymes and feeding regimens on growth, digestibility, organ weight, and meat quality in finishing pigs

McNeilage, Erin Margaret
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University of Guelph

The effects of feed enzymes and feeding regimens on nutrient digestibility, growth, visceral organ weight (VOW), gutfill and carcass and meat quality were studied in growing-finishing pigs. Feed enzymes in a barley-canola meal-based diet (BCM) did not affect ileal nutrient digestibility in growing pigs. In a performance study using 128 finishing pigs fed either a BCM or a corn-soybean meal-based diet (CSBM), feed enzymes did not affect nutrient digestibility, gain to feed (G:F) or daily gain (DG). Pigs fed CSBM had better G:F, lower VOW and gutfill, but similar daily digestible energy intake (DEI) and DG compared to BCM fed pigs. Feeding a casein-cornstarch diet (CC) starting 12 d pre-slaughter improved DG and (DEI) but not G:F. Limit feeding (2 kg/pig/d) or feeding CC preslaughter reduced gutfill and VOW in pigs previously fed BCM but not in pig previously fed CSBM. Carcass and meat quality were unaffected by feeding regimen.

Finishing pigs, Feed enzymes, Feeding regimens, Nutrient digestibility, Meat quality