Health related quality of life and health care utilization: A pilot study with women in a behavioural weight loss program

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Toews, Helen
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University of Guelph

This pilot study evaluated short and long term changes in these outcomes in overweight women recruited from such a program, LessOn Lifestyles. Anthropometric data and HRQL (SF-36) were collected at baseline, program completion (10 weeks) and one year. Self-reported HCU over the past 3 months was assessed at baseline and one year. Data were analysed by SAS Proc Mixed. Of 103 participants, 60 adult women were initially recruited, and 27 completed all measures. Study completers, achieved and sustained a moderate weight loss accompanied by improved physical dimensions of HRQL. All analysis were adjusted for significant confounders. Subgroup analysis suggested possible differences in HRQL by general health and metabolic syndrome risk. Baseline general health may be of predictive value. The clinical and policy relevance of these promising results needs to be confirmed in a larger study.

health, quality of life, health care utilization, women, behavioural weight loss program