O. A. C. Review Volume LI Issue 4, January 1939

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Ontario Agricultural College

The highlight of this issue, for the student, would be the examination results. The editorial comments on the standard of education available at the Ontario Agricultural College compared to other universities. Articles pertain to the history of the co-operative movement and the new Short Course on economic co-operation, the history and cost of the college skating rink, and the annual meeting of the Ontario Agricultural and Experimental Union. The English column authored by Professor Stevenson concerns the incorrect use of words in his assigned essays. Other articles address the current political situation of appeasement and preparations for the Conversat. Brothers Chippy and Chap Chapman produce the Sports column and provide the team results for basketball, wrestling, boxing, fencing, swimming, and hockey. A column is devoted to an account of the Short Course, with notable attendees such as the journalist Ethel Chapman. Campus news reports on the symphony concert, student parliament, and the creation of merit stars. The Alumni column provides alumni updates. The Macdonald Institute column posts a farewell to faculty member Mary Clarke, the art of skiing, and preparations for College Royal. The Alumnae column contains alumnae news and marriage announcements. The Trent Institute article provides information regarding the bread that is supplied on campus and lessons learned about how fumigation affects flour. Club news encourages participation in the clubs for animal husbandry, chemistry, horticulture, and dairy.

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