So far away: Self-esteem and anticipatory coping in the dissolution of long-distance relationships

Stewart, Duncan
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an examination of the roles of anticipatory coping and self-esteem in preparation for the end of an intimate relationship. First-year undergraduate students identified the anticipatory coping strategies they were using to prepare for the possible end of their long-distance intimate relationships. Anticipatory coping tended to be reported by low self-esteem (LSE) participants, 'r'(125) = -.33, 'p' < .01, and those who had little interest in their existing relationships, ' r'(125) = -.68, 'p' < .01. Anticipatory coping and self-esteem both predicted relationship dissolution (OR = 7.57; OR = 2.46), but anticipatory coping had no relationship with post-traumatic stress. Though not significant, LSE participants were more likely than HSE participants to appropriately self-regulate their use of anticipatory coping. The current research creates a profile of anticipatory coping users, and describes the role of anticipatory coping at the end of an intimate relationship.

anticipatory coping, self-esteem, dissolution, long-distance relationship, intimate relationship