The effect of terraces on phosphorus movement

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Ecologists Limited

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Agriculture Canada


A variety of structural erosion control techniques have been tested and implemented as a means of reducing the rate of soil loss from agricultural land. Terracing, in particular channel terracing, is one structural approach which is gaining popularity for use on Ontario farms. Unfortunately, data which quantifies the effect terraces have on the quality of runoff water is limited. A monitoring technique is needed to gather data required to assess terrace efficiency in reducing phosphorus and sediment loads from terrace-protected lands. In order to address this need, a number of tasks were identified and undertaken in this study. Tasks included the development, selection and laboratory testing of a terrace monitoring apparatus, the field installation of the apparatus, field data collection and analysis, and computer simulation of the monitored events.



Archive of Agri-Environmental Programs in Ontario, Soil and Water Environmental Enhancement Program, SWEEP, erosion, channel terracing, terrace, terrace monitoring apparatus, phosphorus, erosion control, agriculture