Zinc and copper retention from soy protein hydrolysates

Gillis, Aubrey M.
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University of Guelph

Soy-based formulas are often used in infants with cow milk allergy, lactose intolerance or galactosemia. We evaluated the effect of hydrolysis of dephytinized soy-based formula on Zn and Cu retention in the piglet. Piglets were fed one of five diets: whey/casein-based (CMP) with 12 umol/L, slightly hydrolyzed soy (Soy+Cu) with 23 umol/L Cu, hydrolyzed and dephytinized soy (SDH) with 12 umol/L Cu, SDH with 23 umol Cu (SDH) and slightly hydrolyzed, dephytinized soy protein (SD) with 12 umol/L Cu. CMP piglets had a significantly higher growth rate than soy fed piglets; no differences were found between the soy groups. Whole body \sp65Zn retention was significantly higher in the CMP and significantly lower in the Soy+Cu group compared to all other groups. Whole body \sp64Cu retention was not different between groups. CMP fed piglets had higher tissue concentrations of Zn but not Cu and those fed Soy+Cu had lower tissue concentrations of Zn but not Cu than all other groups. Dephytinization improves Zn but not Cu retention from soy-based diet, whereas hydrolysis of soy protein appeared to have no effect on Zn and Cu retention in the piglet.

soy-based formulas, hydrolysis, dephytinized soy-based formula, zinc, copper, retention, piglet, whey, casein, hydrolyzed soy, dephytinized soy