Sexual self-disclosure in intimate relationships



Booth, Adam P.

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University of Guelph


One hundred and eighty-eight heterosexual female undergraduates completed a questionnaire measuring 'actual' sexual self-disclosure (SSD), 'preferred' SSD, 'actual' partner SSD, and 'preferred' partner SSD as well as 11 variables which were thought to predict SSD. While participants rated their own and their partners' disclosure at relatively high levels (on a 7-point scale), they indicated that they would 'prefer' to both disclose more themselves and to have their partners disclose more. Multiple regression analyses revealed that the combination of: (1) Sexual assertiveness, (2) Partner's sexual comfort, (3) Frequency of oral sex, (4) Relationship commitment, and (5) Relationship satisfaction predicted 60% of the explained variance for 'actual' disclosure. Qualitative questions were used to investigate participants' own reports on why disclosure is important to them, and on the factors which seemed to facilitate or inhibit disclosure.



Intimate relationships, Sexual self-disclosure, Heterosexual female undergraduates, Disclosure, Partner