The Slow Revealing of Change: Decision Making Processes in Grassroots Collectives as Stories and Fractals of Adult Learning and Personal, Social and Ecological Change

Zarate, Erika Isabella
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University of Guelph

The decision making processes of social and ecological change grassroots collectives (SECGCs) do not only promote change at a community level, but are exemplary enactments of such change. These processes are principled, critically reflective, relational and self-organized, and more so when there is a high degree of connectivity within and between individual SECGCs. SECGCs embody narrative and fractal behaviour that, upon assessment, could contribute significantly to their organizational learning, and subsequent social and ecological change work. In order to assess the self-balancing fractal nature of SECGCs, this research study proposes the use of a Fractal Organization Model and its accompanying table of characteristics of self-balancing fractal SECGCs. The model contains four elements, or nodes, that represent the existing or potential strengths of a SECGC membership, its value and belief system, its decision making processes, and its collective actions for social and ecological change. However, in addition to understanding the nodes of a fractal SECGC, it is also imperative to explore and assess the relationships between these nodes. By evaluating the context, nodes and internodal relationships, the potentiality of four capacities can be determined. The four capacities of a fractal SECGC are resiliency, adaptability, innovation and self-organization, and contribute to a SECGC being an effective agent of social and ecological change.

Decision making processes in grassroots collectives as stories and fractals of adult learning and personal, social and ecological change.
decision making, facilitation, social movements, social change, ecological change, adult learning, organizational learning, organizational development, fractal organization, fractal organization model, Spain, Catalonia, 15M Movement, Occupy Movement, capacity development, capacity building, sustainability