Climate and soil requirements for economically important crops in Canada

Dube, P.-A.
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Agriculture Canada

This report summarizes the climate and soil requirements of the major, economically important crops in Canada. It was compiled through an extensive search of the literature, using the services of Biological Abstracts Reviews, Science Citation and Source Index, and Agricola. Also various books, government reports, bulletins and announcements on agricultural crops were examined. Approximately 2000 references were reviewed, and 169 selected for the report. Those not selected reported research work that was too specific or detailed to have application in field crops production. The report gives detailed descriptions of the light, heat, water and soil requirements of each crop, in so far as these data are available from the literature. Specific requirements at various phenological growth stages are also reported. References for the information presented for each crop are given and listed in the bibliography at the end of the report. This report lists the environmental (field) conditions necessary for the successful, long term cultivation of given crops. It is intended as a reference manual for those evaluating or recommending particular crops under given conditions of climate and soil. Crop management requirements, however, are not listed, and the reader is refered to other sources for this information.

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climate, soil, crops, agriculture, cultivation, phenological growth, crop management