Plant and Wind Relationships of Motion

Madill, Dominique
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University of Guelph

The movement of a plant in the wind reveals simultaneously, through its gesture, a character of aliveness in plants and a material form and force in the air and atmosphere. Wind and plant, force and being, move in tandem. Each entity affects the other in motion, hinting at an even deeper interrelationship that exists between them. This study gives form to the relationship between plants and wind by investigating the gestures in their interactive movement. It takes a posthuman lens to interpret relationships of nonhuman worlds. From video field-recordings, gestures of a variety of plant species have been collected, compared, and analyzed to be interpreted into a series of illustrated forms that express a visual language for wind-blown plants. The result is a small catalogue of movement that tells the story of plant-wind relationships.

plant-wind relationship, interactive movement, gestures, video analysis